Kurt Eggert
Founder and Principal

It is with great excitement and pride that we announce the opening of our new manufacturing ice facility, Just Ice, located in Queens, NY to serve the metropolitan region. We manufacture quality ice with state of the art Clinebell equipment. Our philosophy of providing quality and excellent service is what has created a loyal client base in our portfolio of services. Our team is committed to delivering first class service by meeting the demands and needs of our customers.

Since 1985 Kurt Eggert has been the president and CEO of Fire & Ice Mechanical Inc. which is located in the heart of New York City. Kurt Eggert is well known in the refrigeration industry and has specialized in the installation and servicing of commercial ice machines, HVAC, radiant heating and refrigeration, refrigerant recovery and recycling, heating, hot water steam systems, chilled water systems, compressor application, steam and condensate, co-generation power stations. Kurt’s expertise in the refrigeration industry has gained a large customer base in New York City and for special projects the clientele base has expanded to Boston, Delaware and Pennsylvania. His dedication, diverse list of clients, innovative techniques, quality workmanship, strong work ethics and successful delivery of products earned him the prestigious award of Refrigeration Contractor of the Year 2007 from Contracting Business.  

Kurt Eggert has an eye for optimizing technology with manufacturing and a passion to provide outstanding service to his customers.  Just Ice is Kurt’s newest endeavor evolving his businesses into ice production. Led by Kurt’s extensive experience and vision this family owned business is committed to satisfying its customers.


Kurt J. Eggert founded Fire Ice Mechanical, Inc. in 1985.  Well known for installation and service commercial ice machines, refrigeration services including recovery and recycling, chilled water systems, compressor application HVAC, and radiant heating among other desired industry abilities.  Excelling in the field earning the 2007 HVAC contractor of the year.  The company went on to assimilate Fire Ice Data, Inc. in 2007 that provides IT support in various platforms including wireless remote control of HVAC systems from a smart device. 

James E. Eggert
Project Manager

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James E. Eggert mentored under his adopted father from an early age absorbing valuable lifelong skills and knowledge.  He entered the United States Armed Forces right out of high school, serving 18 years in the military and National Guard.  He received HVAC certifications in 2002 and continues to attend yearly HVAC classes to remain current with the latest technology and machinery.  James helped to expand his father’s company with a vision for the future of ice.  His discipline, hard work, and ability to multitask are key components that help drive future success.

Kayla Henkel
Marketing Consultant
Steven Nobre
Office Manager

Steven worked for over five years in the private funding industry. First as an operations manager that was directly responsible for managing the day to day operations for the loan processing, data entry, loan closing, document processing, customer service, and sales help.  He focused on creating an efficient organizational funnel while developing increased efficiency by implementing new internal business processes. He also acted as liaison between sales team, funding companies, and merchants. Later in his career he became a Portfolio Manager for Pine Acre Holdings which serviced an active portfolio of over 2000 clients.  In his over 5 years he helped service over 150 million dollars to businesses across the United States.

Steven graduated from SUNY Cortland in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Economics with a concentration in financial management and minor in Computer Applications

Patrick Mullare
Sales Consultant

Patrick Mullare has experience in sales, marketing, advertising, logistics, inventory, pricing, reconciliation.  In charge of business operations, management, time value of motion, efficiency, just in time inventory, supply chain management, production organization, cost benefit analysis, banking, financing, and Federal Acquisition Regulations.

Zaira Demarchi
Construction Advisor
Rolando E. Lugones
Financial Advisor

Rolando E. Lugones is been a part of many well established corporations, and has experience in, payroll management, inventory management, route development in NY for over 7 years, ability to run Profit and Loss Statement, maintained checking accounts for four major corporations, sales in Insurance, and he is Licensed Property & Casualty insurance broker.

Daniel Maciel 
Mechanical Engineer

Zaira Demarchi brings over 18 years’ experience in construction management and project management from the public and private sector. She is a skilled engineer with expertise in managing multiple projects from planning, design, construction, close out and occupancy. She has provided oversight and technical coordination for a diversity of projects. Her portfolio background includes government, hospitality, industrial and retail projects. Zaira has managed and executed projects in accordance to local building codes as well as delivering client requirements.


Zaira Demarchi holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Manhattan College. She has also earned a Master of Science degree in Construction Management with a concentration in Development from New York University.

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